Klickitat Learn & Play Group
March 12, 2019

KLASAC was formed in 2013 by combining the small towns of Klickitat and Lyle in their efforts to prevent substance abuse.


What is KLASAC?

KLASAC is a group that formed to address the high underage drinking and marijuana use rates in our community.  The coalition is made up of different sectors that are involved in our community and have similar goals.  We work as a team to reduce youth risk factors and increase protective factors!

Join Us!

Our meetings are open to the community and are held the third Wednesday of every month from 5pm to 6:30 pm alternating location between the Lyle and Klickitat Schools.


Young people in our community…

...still find ways to access alcohol and marijuana.*

We need your help to keep drugs and alcohol out of the hands of our youth.

...are receiving mixed messages about the dangers of marijuana now that it’s legal in Washington.*

Help us find ways to educate our young people about the risk associated with underage marijuana use.

...face an amazing amount of challenges and pressures that can lead to depression and anxiety.*

Be a part of the solution and help us support young people in our community.

*According to our local school and community surveys